During its debut year in 1955, Playland entertained over 250,000 visitors. It was a place where guests could enjoy rides, concessions, and take part in their community, a fun and affordable entertainment venue for the families and children of Fresno. However, for the first time in 60 years, Playland and its sister park, Storyland, had to close their gates because of financial reasons.


This past year, the Valley championed the revitalization of Storyland, which reopened its doors to record crowds in September 2015. In light of the outpouring of support, we are now initiating a community-wide fund drive to repair and rejuvenate Playland, and to once again make it a center of family fun and entertainment.

In efforts to help save Playland, the Downtown Fresno Rotary is creating a new entrance to the Park, while Leadership Fresno plans to raise $85,000 for a community construction project to redesign the historic Willis B. Kyle Express Train Station. Playland has also received a $150,000 matching donation from the Daniel R. Martin Foundation, and a $65,000 portion of a $100,000 pledge from Lithia Motors. Thanks to these generous supporters and the enthusiasm of the community, reconstruction of Playland is underway.

However, we still have a long way to go. With your help, we can revive this local treasure and once again make it a magical place for our community.

Playland is scheduled to open May 6th.


For more information please contact 559.486.2124